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Happy 2016! As the New Year kicks off, Youth Interns across the province are busy working on new and exciting IT projects. The variety of activities they're involved with is wonderful to see, and we thought it would be a good idea to share just a sample of them with you.


3D Printer
  • Research possible installation of a Makerspace
  • Set up new Makerspaces
  • Deliver programming for children using iPad minis for apps and animation
  • Co-ordinate a youth innovation hub for the design and development of projects
  • Promote and assist with Makerspace activities
  • Develop programming for robotics and circuitry kits
  • Implement 3D printing for public use
  • Develop Makerspace to incorporate technological applications into storytelling

Open-Source Hardware

  • Research viable creation technologies such as Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and Makey Makey
  • Plan and develop Raspberry Pi tutorials and projects for all ages
  • Create a mobile client information kiosk using Raspberry Pi
  • Develop an interface to display the DVD collection using Raspberry Pi

App Development

  • Build an Android app to find community services based on their location
  • Add apps and widgets to the website
  • Develop apps for Makerspace programming
  • Test, upgrade, and maintain current apps
  • Develop apps that can be used as training modules
Raspberry Pi

Website Design

  • Update website design
  • Restructure website
  • Make sure website meets AODA requirements
  • Train staff to update website content

IT Upgrades

  • Assist with system upgrades and implementation of new functionality (portal services, web delivery of information)
  • Develop online cloud sharing system
  • Develop and implement electronic community information resources (library Smart TV system and visitor's centre boards)
  • Install a new phone system
  • Implement a new document management system
  • Update and maintain local database
  • Assist with new adaptive equipment and software, including SARA, Topaz, Zoomtext, Kurzweil & Guide
  • Recycle outdated computers to clients in difficulty
  • Repair and update hardware/software

Social Media

  • Promote the organization through social media
  • Implement a social media management platform
  • Manage social media communities
  • Ensure an accessible social media presence

Community Digitization Projects

  • Digitize genealogy records and archival material
  • Digitize and catalogue local history material
  • Continue computer-based indexing of local history collection
  • Incorporate the museumís image and artifact database with the libraryís resource database
Diane Frankling Co-operative Homes Inc.

Success Stories

Are you involved with one of the projects listed above? Or have you been working on something different that you want us to know about? Please consider sending in a success story – just a paragraph or two to let us know what you've been busy with so far this internship term. We'd love to hear from you!