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Update on Youth Intern Programs

OLA has administered Youth Intern programs for Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada for the past 20 years. This includes the Community Access Program (CAP). These youth employment opportunities have been in a mix of public libraries and community based agencies. Over this time there have been changes to the program. Innovation, Science and Economic Development (ISED) Canada (formerly Industry Canada) notified delivery agents, of which OLA is one, that there would be no Summer Work Experience (SWE) components to future ISED Youth Intern offerings. They would only be supporting and offering Career Focus positions if they receive approval for future programs. OLA has coordinated SWE programs over the years including last year in the form of SWE250 programs. OLA continues to work with ISED on what might be possible in terms of delivery of Career Focus Youth Internships. We will provide more information as it becomes known.

Dave Graveline – Youth Intern
BIBLIOTHEQUE PUBLIQUE DE MOONBEAM - Bibliothque publique de Moonbeam

For the last 3 months, at Moonbeams public library, we offered Lego sessions for everyone who likes working with their imagination. I would give the kids a different subject everyday and without any example they would build something relevant to that subject. I should say that the amount of attendance actually surpassed our expectations. Between 4-9 kids would attend everyday and for a small community like ours, it is nice to see that people still have interest in what the community has to offer. It is really encouraging for us as a community and for me it was a really fun experience taking part of this internship.

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